Weekly roundup

What a wonderful week we just had. The weather was nice and hot and brought a smile to all our faces. Please could I remind you that the children need to have a water bottle in the classroom, a sun hat and if you can please apply sun cream to your child before coming to school.

This week we have been learning about materials and the properties of materials. The children have made houses in their teams that the big bad wolf will be coming to try and blow down next week. If any parents have a leaf blower please could you email your teacher as it will make blowing the houses down much more fun.
In Maths we have been learning about weight and have been comparing two different objects. Next week we will be looking at capacity. Do you know what we use to measure liquid?
If anyone has any photos from sports day could you please email them in so I can put some on the blog.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing next week.


Do you know?
Why is each finger a different length? Can you answer this scientific question?  If so write your answer on a piece of paper with your name and class and pop it in the green box by 4AN. You may get mentioned in the radio or newsletter next week! For more information look out for the posters dotted around school. Deadline Thursday 29th June.

Weekly Roundup

We have had an excellent week of learning after a relaxing half term break for everyone. This week, year 1 have been using objects such as pizzas to understand halving and quartering and have done the same with quantities of sweets. We have done some beautiful colouring in to halve different shapes and will continue our learning about 2D and 3D shapes next week.

We have also had an exciting time in the playground finishing off our science experiments. Year 1 have been comparing the amount of insects in the various parts of the playground from winter to spring. The children have written up their findings and will be documenting their work next week on posters for a whole school poster presentation. We can’t wait to show everyone our results. Do you think we found more slugs in winter or in spring? We have also written some sentences of acts of kindness we have either given or received in order to make a kindness tree for our classroom.

Have a brilliant weekend!