Weekly Roundup

Well its been a bumper busy week in year 1 fitting a trip to Pizza Express and MAPP day around our topics in the heatwave!

We are so impressed with the children’s diary writing based on the book Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary by Simon Bartram. We have learnt that diary entries are written in the past tense in a chronological order, that they are in the first person and they also include lots of adjectives to describe events, thoughts and feelings. The children have been incredibly imaginative describing their own make-believe scuba diving holiday adventure. I have loved reading them and the descriptive accounts of what was seen as the bottom of the ocean! We look forward to finding out more from the diary accounts next week.
In maths we have returned to addition and subtraction, remembering that addition is the inverse of subtraction. We have been counting on and back on hundred squares and number lines, as well as building on our mental maths using our knowledge of number bonds to calculate answers quickly. Next week we will revise early multiplication (counting groups, i.e 3 groups of 5 makes 15) and division (sharing into lots, i.e 20 is made from 4 lots of 5).
For next week, we would appreciate your old kitchen and toilet rolls and empty margarine tubs for art activity. Thank you in advance for this.
I hope everyone has a super weekend. See you next week!

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