Weekly Roundup

What a fab week we’ve had in year 1! 

We have loved our topic writing stories and innovating the well known tale of the Little Red Hen, updating it with our own characters and thoughtful adjectives and alliteration to bring it alive. Come in and check out our writing books books and see our amazing punctuation, story language and word choices! We’ve also been thinking about inverted commas and where we need to add them to text.
In maths, we have been thinking about place value and how to count, read and write numbers to 100. We are making sure when we write a 2 digit number, we make sure the numbers are the correct way round, eg nineteen is 19, not 91! We found it quite challenging to read and write numbers in words (fifteen, forty nine etc).
Why not play these game over the weekend
* Name the number and find it on the 100 square: http://www.ictgames.com/100hunt2.html
In phonics, we have been recapping all the alternative digraphs ready for our phonics screener after the half term break. We are so impressed with how well the children are remembering them and this week we looked at reading longer compounds words like firewood, sawdust and chipboard, as well as words with suffix endings like ing, er, ed to words.
Its been amazing watching the chicks hatching from the eggs this week. Don’t forget to watch the live stream at XXX.
Next week, we would really appreciate any recycling you have at home for a junk modelling project, and any feathers you may have at home/collect on a walk – thank you in advance 🙂
Have super weekends everyone!

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