A Letter from LA

Hello 1IH
Hope everything is brilliant in London! We are settling in well out here in sunny LA and Huck wanted to say hello before you break up for Easter. Here are a few things he would love to share with 1IH about his recent experiences:
  • My new school is called Canyon Elementary. Year 1 is called Kindergarten here and my new teacher is called Mrs Gorman.
  • We have a lot of homework – I have to do some every night!
  • We play a lot of sport – I’ve learnt a new game called polo, which is a cross between hockey & quidditch. We also play basketball and soccer.
  • California is 8 hours behind the UK, so I start school just as you finish each day!
  • Breaktime is called recess, sweets are called candy and zebra crossings are called crosswalks.
  • My new school has a library but it’s not as cool as the Rosendale library bus. I have discovered a new book series called Captain Underpants – it’s really funny.
  • It’s really sunny and the beach is fun but I miss my class. I like looking at the blog – science week, the mosque trip and poetry day look like they were really fun.
I would love to hear from anyone who would like to send me a letter or email! Hope you had a good Easter!image3.JPGimage2.JPGimage1 (1).JPG

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