Weekly Roundup

We’ve had a fantastic week full of learning about the parts of the church and the Christian celebrations of Easter and Christmas. Did you know the lectern is a stand for the Bible and is often an eagle? We rounded off our RE topic with a brilliant trip to All Saints Church this afternoon, where we were lucky to have a super host tell us so many interesting facts. We pretended to christen a doll, looked at the old and new parts of the building and even tried on some of the vicars’ special robes!

In maths we have been learning about British coins and their worth, for example we found out that £1 is worth 100 pennies. Why not have another go this weekend and play these fun games?
In phonics, we have recapped all the split digraphs a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e and u-e. We know the e goes at the end of the word and changes the sounds into their letter names. Split digraphs are found in words like cake, slide, even, bone and flute or cube.
Next week, we will continue our learning about money and begin looking at money word problems and finding change. We will begin a new topic looking at plants.
Have brilliant weekends and see you all on Monday!

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