Weekly Roundup

Happy Friday year one!

WOW! The world book day costumes blew everyone one away! What a great effort. Well done everybody.

What another great week which has been bursting with learning!

In Maths the children were learning to transfer the part, part, whole method into the Singapore bar structure. Next week we will be focusing more on the mathematical language children need to be expose to and consolidating previous learning.

This week the children finished the story ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’ innovating the story to consolidate their work using inverted commas and their letter writing in the role of the giant. Next week the children will be writing Spring poems.

Just a quick reminder about trip letters. They need to be returned by Tuesday at the latest. The children do not need a packed lunch that day as the school will provide one which we will be eating when we arrive back at school.

At the moment we have low parent volunteers. We do rely on parents to enable us make these educational trips a success. Your help would be much appreciated.

Have a lovely weekend!


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