Weekly roundup 

Year 1 have had a fantastic week writing their non-fiction books all about the body. We have loved learning so many amazing facts about how are organs work and the job they do. Please do take a moment to read through them together in the morning as the children have worked so hard to write them.

Next week we are continuing our theme of the human body and thinking about changes to the body over time. For this project, please could each child bring a baby photograph of themselves that we can keep for the week (or email one to the teacher) for Monday 6th February – many thanks in advance. Also, please let us know if you have a young baby in the family and you would be happy to take part in a question and answer session with the class (straight after independent learning time).
In Maths we have been working on our speed work in mental arithmetic to learn number bonds within 10. We are continuing this work next week and looking at the relationship between addition and subtraction.
In phonics, we have recapped the oe like in toe, o-e like in bone, ie like in tie and i-e like in slide.
Don’t forget tomorrow is Race for Life, bring in your running shoes and sponsorship money and raise money for Cancer Research UK.
Also it is our class assembly on Friday 10th February. The children will need to come dressed in the colour of their crayon. For instance if they are a white crayon they need to come dressed in white. The narrators can come dressed in colourful clothes.

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