Weekly roundup

Whiz, pop,bang! This week has been such a fun first week back at school after the Christmas holidays.

The children have been learning about what makes a good scientist. They have been given 3 tips this week:
1. A good scientist always asks questions.
2. A science experiment needs to be fair
3. A good scientist thinks about what they already know
Next week we will be continue to learn some more tips as we build up to our science experiment.
In numeracy we have been learning about time. We learnt what the hands on the clock do, which hand tells us what and have started to talk about uses of time.
Next week in numeracy we will be looking at different types of ways of measuring time such as , days of the week,months of the year and using stop watches to sort out orders.
I hope you have a brilliant weekend and rest up for all the exciting things we will be doing next week.

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