Weekly Roundup

I bet the North Pole is inundated with post this week from year 1 with the amount of Christmas lists they have been writing!

The children have been working on using commas in the correct place when writing letters. We have also revisited capital letters and full stop this week.

In maths the children have been using pictures to create their own number sentences using addition and subtraction.

Dates of the diary;

Monday: It is the KS1 rehearsal at Elm Green secondary school. Could you please ensure that they bring their hats and scarfs with them as this is a dress rehearsal.

Tuesday: Is the KS1 Christmas concert at Elm Green secondary school at 2pm prompt. Parents are to meet at Elm Green. Please speak to office if not sure where the school is located.

Thursday:  The cinema trip at Clapham picture house. All money and slips need to be returned by Monday. In the afternoon it will be the year 1 class party. They are NOT having a school lunch.  Their lunch will be the party food so please provide them with enough food. If you need to bring this the day before please do and a huge thank you from year one.

Friday: Children to bring a toy to school that they are happy for other children to use and share.

Have a lovely weekend!

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