Weekly roundup

Wow, what a busy week in year 1!

We have enjoyed our dinosaur topic exploring non-fiction books. We’ve found out so many news interesting facts. Did you know that Velociraptors had hollow bones to make them faster and that they had feathers? Did you know a Stegosaurus could change the colour of their plates when they were angry? Did you a Diplodocus does not chew its food when he swallows and he can use his tail as a whip to defend himself? Next week, we are looking forward to continuing our dinosaur topic and make our final piece, a dinosaur documentary. Look out for the premier next week on the blog!
In maths, we’ve been learning about multiples of numbers, and have worked hard to secure counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We did this by counting on using our fingers, pictures and number lines. We also did some brilliant detective work looking for patterns on a hundred square. We now know that 2s are even numbers and always end in 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8. We also discovered that multiples of 5s will only end in a 5 or a 0 and multiples of 10 always end in a 0 and we can find them at the end of a 100 square. Wowsers Year 1!
Next week, we are working on addition and subtraction skills. We will also be looking number facts and return to number bonds. Have a practise this weekend by playing this fun game
In phonics, we have begun working on the alternative digraphs. This week, we found out that -ai can also be -ay like in crayon, -ow can also be -ou like in cloud, -ee can also be -ea like in sea, and -igh can also be -ie in tie. Check out these videos to hear more about them!
Don’t forget next Friday is the school fair: come along and support our class stall and sign up if you are able to help run it for a short time slot.
Also, trip letters have been sent home for an end of term treat…please look inside book bags and sign and return them at your earliest convenience. (Please note, we are very limited on the number of adults able to join us on this trip due maximum seating at the cinema.)
Have super weekends!

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