Weekly roundup

Wow what a half term 1IH!

We all cannot believe that Autumn term one has gone quicker than the leaves falling from the trees!

We have ended term how we began with an Autumn walk down to the park. The children discussed what changed they could recognise and visibly see.

In maths the children have been learning what symbols to use and their meanings/terminology when writing a number sentence.

The children proudly showed off their work today from the Herne Hill project. The displayed their 3D busses and ICT pictures in the sports hall. Well done year 1!

It was great this week that the children had a taster of Mandarin instead of French. The really enjoyed the experience.

Just a quick note that  1IH will now have P.E on Wednesday and Thursday.

Please look out for the trip letter going out today for our trip to the Natural History Museum. Please remember volunteers are much appreciated.

Each child was given a blank postcard yesterday to draw a picture and write a sentence of what they have done in the half term and for them to send it back to their year one class in the post so that they arrive in time for the new term!

Have a wonderful half term 1IH and take lots of photographs so I can pop them up on the blog.  Email them to me (ianherlihy@rosendale.cc).


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