Weekly Roundup

This was the week the crayons quit; we consolidate number bonds and learnt the names of animals in French. Zut alors!

We have been reading the story, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. The children have been writing letters to the missing crayons, who all quit this week.  They have also been recording what colours they like using and explaining why.

In Maths this week the children have been consolidating their number bonds 0-10 and learning how to recognising inverse.

Keeping within the book theme the children have been mixing paints and discovering what colours can be made using the primary colours. Also the children have been learning new techniques to support them in their sketching skils. The whole school is learning to sketch their shoe.

A quick reminder that you can log onto linguascope at any time and practice the French that the children have been learning:  http://www.linguascope.com/


We are recruiting volunteers to come in a read with the year one children.  If you are interested please speak to the class teacher.

Have a great weekend and jump in lots of puddles!Inline images 1


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